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Beth Ditto Commemorates Clothing Release With Karaoke Party

Beth It's the same took over the cheap sexy clothes Basement membership at the Greater london Edition Resort for a karaoke party to enjoy the start of her new plus-size clothing brand.


Songbooks and ask for slips  in the House of Hot Breathing karaoke firm littered the bar as well as the tables, providing the guarantee of butchered renditions of Britney Spears' Baby Again or Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights -- once enough Belvedere drinks had been consumed.

I love karaoke. I do everything the time.  I simply love viewing people have their particular moment. I'll sing my regular quickly pull 'Fancy, ' Ditto informed WWD. The...

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Matt McConaughey Produces Clothing Collection for a Great Cause

OK, therefore the shirtless question isn't precisely leading sexy clothes online simply by example mdash; but we are going to not precisely complaining, possibly!

In this ironic endeavor, Matt is starting a  in a number of activewear series which features mdash; await it mdash; all different types of shirts! You will find quick-dry Tee shirts, polo tshirts, long-sleeve tshirts, tops with UV also rash guards, windbreakers, pullovers and protection.

Don't get worried though, Matthew's got your bottom fifty percent covered, as well. The clothes line also provides oil- and water-repellent slacks, flip-flops and more.

Called for Matt and Camila's "Just Maintain Livin' Base, " which gives...

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Why You Need To Stop Buying Cheap Clothes

Scoring a sweet deal on an inexpensive shirt feels really good. But when you learn what happens when youre done with that cheap top, youll feel anything but.

You know how the cycle goes: You buy a piece of clothing from an inexpensive chain retailer and wear the item a few times. But before you even realize, the shirt falls quickly out of your fashion rotation. Eventually, whether it takes months or years, you toss the top to make more room.

The act seems harmless . after all, purging your drawers and spring cleaning is key . but it has a serious...

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Stop Using ‘Forgiving’ to Describe Clothes

Part of my job at Racked is to copy-edit our text across all platforms and maintain our style guide. Might sound a little stiff, sure, but it yields a quiet power: The style guide includes a list of banned words that writers and editors can’t include in articles. Many of the words listed are there to remind us not to get lazy in our writing or rely on empty clichéd phrases. “Drool-worthy” is on there, as is “strands.” (Just say “hair,” people.)

We don’t want to use the same dumb, pandering phrases that traditional “lady mags” and the fashion industry uses,...

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